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With our carpet cleaning service we will clean your carpets using the latest technology available on the market today. We use powerful truck mounted equipment (ProChem Legend) which allows us to get even the dirtiest of carpets clean again! Our system also provides for faster drying times, so no more waiting days for your carpets to be dry after your carpet cleaning service. It also helps reduce re-soiling since our powerful process leaves your carpets dryer than other systems used by some of our competitors, extracting more of the water and cleaning solutions applied to your carpet during the carpet cleaning service process. A drier carpet will smell and look cleaner.

One-of-a-kind Customer Service

Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t use bait and switch tactics, and we will never try to sell you a service you do not need! Sure your carpets may look ok for the moment but they soon re-soil and the stains that you thought were all gone suddenly reappear sometimes in a matter of hours or even days. With the Sun-Brite Carpet Cleaning Systems process we can get even the deepest, dirtiest stains out with unbelievable results that others can only dream of achieving. With our carpet cleaning service we first pre-treat your carpet with an alkaline based enzyme. Then we brush the carpet where needed. We then follow up with a final rinse and extraction utilizing a carpet wand in order to neutralize the carpet, getting rid of any soap residue. Once this process is completed you will see a difference that you never thought possible.. Call us today to schedule your Carpet Cleaning Service appointment!


If you are not satisfied with our carpet cleaning or any service we perform, we will come back until you are. That's right, we guarantee your satisfaction! Where else are you going to find a cleaning company today that stands behind the services it provides and is confident that you will be happy? So rest assured and give us a call today at (727) 347-1108 or

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